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Land Avion has launched a land purchasing program in Arizona and Texas. Land Avion is prepared to make an online offer for raw, undeveloped properties to landowners in these areas. Offers are generally made within hours after data has been uploaded.

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This company has begun acquiring vacant unwanted land throughout the states of Arizona and Texas. Owners of this type of asset can receive an online offer from Land Avion and, if accepted, receive funds in a few days.

Research by the company revealed that land in these states has been lying vacant and is often unwanted by the owners. They are now willing to make online offers on these types of properties. Land Avion is actively purchasing raw, undeveloped lots, ranches, acreage, abandoned farms, homesteads, and all unwanted property in these states.

Land Avion is offering to purchase vacated properties in Texas and Arizona regardless of the condition. The owner’s reasons for selling may include bankruptcy, divorce, old age, need to sell for lawyer fees, tired of owning property, tax issues, need for immediate money issues, or a death in the family.

These purchases require no real estate agents or third party involvement, and sellers are guided through a process designed to be stress-free. They upload documents from the safety of their home. Upon receipt of the data, Land Avion takes care of all details involved in the appraisal, offers, and, if accepted, payment mode.

There are no commissions, and Land Avion pays all closing costs involved. The company secures all offers in writing, and payment is generally made within 30 days. The company has already purchased raw vacant in various areas, including El Paso, Abilene, Sedona, Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff.

A company spokesman said, “The company recently purchased some acreage outside Lubbock. The family had been left a piece of vacant undeveloped land, and an offer was made over the internet, and they accepted. They had their money in seventeen days.”

The launch of this marketing effort to purchase undeveloped acreage in Arizona and Texas give landowners in those regions access to funds for these non-performing assets.

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