Training Launched to Optimize Ophthalmology Group Practice Workflows

The updated action-based program, aptly named Day Zero Blueprint, is meant to help ophthalmology group leaders reduce turnover, establish a motivated team, and improve patient outcomes. It offers innovative strategies designed to clarify team visions, create partnerships, and optimize workflows.

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Day Zero Blueprint now utilizes Lean Six Sigma, which is a method centered on collaborative teamwork for strengthening overall performance. By taking advantage of this method, healthcare leaders can also improve the experience of patients, and, in turn, maximize profitability.

Healthcare professionals who have tried the Day Zero Blueprint said they experienced a notable spike in confidence and achieved a more aligned leadership team with a strong vision. It has also helped to decrease total weekly work hours while simultaneously boosting ROI by up to 20 times in the first year.

Participants will benefit from an array of customizable tools and templates that will help to optimize engagement and performance. Eight learning modules are also included, which are prerecorded, so they can be played and studied at one’s convenience.

In addition, participants will also gain access to a private online community where they can connect with the program founder and take advantage of expert coaching.

There is an optional component, the Team Accelerator, which comprises live, weekly group strategy coaching sessions in which students can discuss the areas they are working through and changes they wish to implement.

Day Zero Blueprint was established by Adrienne Lloyd, a Lean Six Sigma expert with over 20 years of experience in healthcare operations and consultation. The program she developed is the same one she has used to successfully transform and improve numerous healthcare-based organizations.

A satisfied healthcare leader said: “It gives you a great launchpad to start over within your organization. Before, the weeks were full with me trying to solve everyone’s problems. Now I’m able to coach my team on how to work through them and come up with solutions. This allows me to focus on the bigger goals for the organization and set a clearer vision for the team.”

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