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Following the latest move by QT Business Solutions, non-profits and charitable organizations now have the opportunity to get assistance in securing grants to finance their operations. The company brings expertise in creating business plans and writing grant proposals that stand a higher chance of being approved.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for directors and administrators who may be struggling to launch new projects due to a lack of capital or cash flow issues. QT Business Solutions’ team of experts specializes in securing funding to help startups and more established organizations seeking capital to stimulate growth.

In general, nonprofits rely on six main funding sources to finance their projects and goals. These include grants, individual donations, corporate sponsorships, membership fees, selling goods and services, and in-kind donations. Grants can be secured from a variety of sources including government bodies, as well as community and private foundations.

The team at QT Business Solutions brings over 20 years of experience in grant proposal writing and raising capital. Organizations that use the company’s services will benefit from help with business registration, tax ID, and financial projections. They are also provided with a detailed strategy to acquire funding and sustain operations over the short and long term.

QT Business Solutions offers a six-week training course led by a former nonprofit owner who brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for her organization and knows the ins and outs of writing successful proposals sent to corporations and government grantmakers.

QT Business Solutions can also advise on the various set-up costs involved in setting up a nonprofit, from incorporation fees and trademark registration to insurance and hiring costs. They can also help clients with filing for declaring a charitable status, using the 1023 forms.

About QT Business Solutions

The company was founded by experienced business and banking professionals, giving clients valuable insight into financial institutions and the requirements that must be met for funding approval. QT Business Solutions is dedicated to helping small businesses and charities maximize the amount of capital, grants, and sponsorships that are available to them.

A spokesperson says, “We offer start-up and nonprofit consulting, business loan services, and grant funding help. We help prepare our clients to meet the criteria required to be approved for commercial and non-profit funding.”

With its latest service updates for nonprofit organizations, QT Business Solutions is empowering charities across the US with new financial opportunities and strategies for growth.

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