Lewisville Bookkeeping For Freelancers – Contractor Accounting Service Updated

With the company’s upgraded offering, self-employed individuals can outsource financial record-keeping so they can focus on business development. It can handle general accounting, invoice preparation, accounts payable, and cash flow analysis.

More information about Amy’s Bookkeeping is available via https://amysbookkeepingllc.com/

This newly revamped service was launched in light of the growing number of freelancers and contractors both in Texas and across the country. All clients will be personally attended to by Amy Fowler, who is the founder and chief accountant of the eponymous firm.

While the freelance economy was already sizeable before the current pandemic, the freedom to work remotely has caused it to grow even further. According to industry estimates, the proportion of the workforce that does freelancing has grown to 36%.

As a self-employed professional, however, a person will also be in charge of all business aspects, including financial monitoring and reporting. Amy’s Bookkeeping takes this burden away from freelancers and helps them avoid potentially costly mistakes.

It can assist professionals in invoicing clients, which is the first and most crucial step to getting paid. Once payments are received, the receipts will be recorded and tax bills will be earmarked.

Amy’s Bookkeeping can likewise assist in processing and monitoring accounts payables, including monies owed for software licenses, leases, and subcontracted services. This ensures that the freelancer will not fall behind on any payments that might disrupt their work. To ensure the profitability and viability of a freelance business, the bookkeeping specialist can also analyze cash flow and recommend strategies to improve it.

About Amy’s Bookkeeping

Amy’s Bookkeeping was established to provide affordable but reliable accounting services to small business owners. It has extensive experience in the construction, manufacturing, auto repair, hospitality, and professional services industries. In addition to Lewisville, it also caters to the neighboring communities of Denton, Lewisville, Dallas, Gainesville, Fort Worth, and McKinney.

Founder Amy Fowler says: “As a professional small business bookkeeper, I have a lot of experience in all kinds of enterprises. That means when I do your books, I begin with a great deal of first-hand knowledge in all aspects of financial accounting.”

Interested parties may visit https://amysbookkeepingllc.com/ if they need further details about the company and its services.

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