Self-Publishing Cost For Marketing Managers 2022 Book Strategy Workshop Launched recently announced an online training workshop for marketing professionals interested in self-publishing. The company has partnered with Paper Raven Books to provide credible information on the cost, challenges, and benefits of self-publishing a book using a little-known method.

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This new workshop offers a creative approach to self-publishing for marketers and leaders looking to increase standing and visibility while turning their manuscripts into a bestseller.

Publishing a book is an effective way for professionals to promote themselves and their brand, but oftentimes the cost of self-publishing can be a deterrent. It can also be difficult to find a publisher that will provide quality editorial feedback as well as high-level design and marketing strategies.

Paper Raven Books has created this new online workshop to help would-be authors navigate the challenging publishing landscape.

The training workshop will cover common mistakes that can prevent visibility, reviews, and long-term sales of a self-published book. It will examine the cost of self-publishing and showcase proven marketing strategies that enable marketing directors and other industry leaders to reach thousands of readers. Recent changes in book sales and bookstores will also be discussed. There is no charge to attend and attendees will be given the opportunity to work with Paper Raven Books directly.

This recently announced workshop is in line with’s ongoing commitment to supporting entrepreneurs through effective marketing strategies. For more additional information on working with Paper Raven Books, please visit

A spokesperson for the company said: “This is information that no one else is sharing in the publishing world, and … this strategy is going to be what separates the next generation of successful authors from the would-be authors who never seem to catch a break.”

Interested parties can find more information at the above-mentioned websites, as well as a helpful evaluation of individual publishing needs at

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