Creative Biolabs Updates Webinar Series: Engineering Strategies for Improving Adoptive T Cell Therapy Against Cancer

For decades, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy have been the foundations of cancer treatment. While these remain critical mainstays of treatment, new categories of treatment, such as CAR-T therapy, have recently helped transform the treatment picture for people with cancer. With 6 CAR-T therapies proved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and hundreds of ongoing clinical trials, the discussion on this strategy is booming.

To enhance communication in this field, Creative Biolabs hosts free webinars for all professionals to utilize, covering a plethora of topics on the latest research. For the upcoming webinar, Creative Biolabs has invited Dr. Melita Irving, the group leader from Ludwig Cancer Research, to discuss the latest findings of her research team on an innovative CAR design, which might provide insights into engineering strategies for improving the efficacy and safety of CAR T cell and TCR cell therapy against cancer.

“The adoptive cell transfer of tumor-specific T cells has emerged as a potent treatment against some advanced cancers. Anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy has shown to lead to complete remission for up to 90% of some advanced, treatment-refractory hematological cancer patients,” said Dr. Melita Irving, “and our team focuses on the development of tumor-directed TCR- and CAR T cells that are programmed to logically respond to microenvironmental cues or/and small molecule administration for maximized function, fitness, and safety.”

Webinar Info

Subject: Engineering Strategies for Improving Adoptive T cell Therapy Against Cancer

Charge: Free

Time & date: 10AM EDT, August 25, 2022

Key topics to be covered:

  • The use of syngeneic tumor models to evaluate the ability of co-engineered murine CAR T cells to reprogram the tumor microenvironment and boost T cell function
  • The use of low-doses of irradiation to inflame cold tumors and render them responsive to rational combinatorial immunotherapy
  • The novel STOP-CAR to integrate efficacy and safety directly into chimeric antigen receptor design

Registering for the webinar is quick and easy so tick it off in the schedule today to get inspired by the live talk and Q&A session. All the registrants will receive a post-webinar email with a link to the on-demand recording in case the registrants can’t make the live date on August 25.

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