Restaurant Multimedia Content Marketing | Custom Video & Blog Services Launched

The consultancy’s latest service, known as OPTUS, offers bespoke content created each month by a team of professional writers. Materials are produced in a variety of formats, including articles, blog posts, podcasts, slideshows, infographics, and videos. After each campaign, a client dashboard is designed to indicate SEO outcomes for specific services and locations.

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The new services were developed to leverage the impact that targeted content can have on a restaurant’s digital footprint. By publishing materials on over 400 high-authority outlets, MWSchnabel Marketing’s goal is to increase the visibility and number of customers for restaurants throughout the US.

A recent report from HubSpot highlights why content marketing has become more popular. It states that the advantages of the approach include greater brand awareness, building credibility, increasing client engagement, and improved revenue. Some of the most popular formats in 2022 are videos, blogs, and infographics.

MWSchabel Marketing has recognized that developing content is a time-consuming task, and the new solution is designed to remove this hurdle for restaurant owners. Writers create each campaign with a focus on the specific services and locations of each business, with the aim of improving location-specific SEO outcomes.

The consultancy also offers the ability for restaurants to target multiple areas and/or services. As part of the new OPTUS solution, the agency adjusts the target area and/or service with each campaign. In doing so, MWSchnabel Marketing expects to improve the reach and effectiveness of the materials.

About MWSchnabel Marketing LLC

Company founder Markus Schnabel brings over 30 years of experience in both restaurant businesses and marketing. Having seen the impact that the pandemic had on local restaurants, Markus leveraged several media and marketing partnerships to develop the unique new content marketing solution. Further enhancements to the service are expected in the coming months.

Markus Schnabel recently stated: “I have always had a love for restaurants and the people that make these experiences. The pandemic came and devastated so many restaurants and small businesses. Now the struggle is bringing your customers back. I created MW Schnabel Marketing and developed OPTUS to help restaurants and small businesses to recover.”

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