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Entitled, “Battling Back Against the Great Resignation with Aristotle Performance”, the new report is a case study on the necessity of psychological safety in organizations to retain top talent and create a meaningful and inclusive work environment.

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The recently published report highlights that for most companies today, the average employee tenure is 4 years, with more than 40% of employees leaving their job, even without a backup plan, due to psychological distress and emotional burnout. This condition, which experts have labeled “psychological safety,” is now becoming a popular topic among business owners who want to improve their high turnover rates.

Aware of this, Aristotle Performance helps executives create small, achievable, and sustainable initiatives that build psychological safety. Its tailored programs empower leaders to become active listeners, consistent communicators, and role models so that they can improve work culture and make their team members feel more involved with the internal processes.

The group says that the area where most companies find roadblocks is in focusing solely on high-performance programs. In the report, the experts explain that these programs, though well-intentioned, do not improve the work culture of the employees. In fact, they tend to make employees feel more disconnected from the overall vision and strategy of the business.

Instead, Aristotle Performance places an emphasis on scalable solutions that are uniquely fitted to each company. These solutions focus on three organizational drivers: organizational context, team relationships, and leader behaviors. In particular, it pays particular attention to the importance of building long-term relationships, encouraging executives to work with their teams instead of dictating their actions.

The report ends by saying that leader behavior is a critical factor in all of the 2,500 teams that the group has worked with. The team says that leaders need to learn how to lead rather than just manage tasks.

A spokesperson for the company said, “At Aristotle Performance, we empower organizations to develop high-performing, resilient cultures to succeed in an increasingly unpredictable environment. We’re a data-driven, people-focused consultancy with an emphasis on developing psychological safety through scalable training solutions.”

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