T.W. Ellis – How to Prep a Kitchen Remodel

Prepping a remodel for a kitchen can be tricky. Many homeowners are unaware of the process, not to mention attempting to have a full-functioning kitchen while construction workers tear apart cabinets and drawers. The staff at T.W. Ellis’s latest blog post, “Preparing For A Kitchen Remodel,” helps homeowners understand how they can begin preparation for a kitchen makeover. In the post, T.W. Ellis details significant perks for homeowners ready to start their kitchen remodel and how they can survive the remodeling process.

Here is what T.W. Ellis recommends to help ease into the process:

Take Time To Unload – Before the remodeling can begin, homeowners must clean! Be sure to clean out all cabinets and drawers, and don’t forget the pantry. This time is perfect for decluttering unused items and taking inventory of everything. Think about the things staying for the remodel and pack them away; however, don’t pack away silverware and plates because homeowners will want these items out to use.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen: It may be challenging to maneuver around the kitchen initially. The best tip T.W. Ellis can give is to set up a temporary kitchen in another part of the home. It is best to use a formal dining area where homeowners can set up a mini fridge, coffee bar, slow cooker, and crock pot. Having a temporary kitchen will help decrease going out to eat and help speed up the process of renovation.

The post also provides helpful tips such as keeping family out of the renovation area to avoid harmful tools/objects. Another suggestion was to vacation or travel during the renovation process! Each of these steps will help alleviate the process and create a stress-free environment for homeowners. Check out all the helpful tips from T.W. Ellis experts whenever it is time to remodel.

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