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The conservationist and biologist is proud to be partnering with one of North Carolina’s premier butterfly awareness and education institutions. The farm, which is located near Greensboro and Winston-Salem, is now selling Jeanne Megel’s new guidebook called ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home.’

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The recent release of the new book and Megel’s shared interest with All-A-Flutter Farms comes in response to the sad news that the monarch butterfly is now slated for possible extinction. Without concerted human intervention, it is clear that their populations are in peril.

While recent education campaigns have focused on the bee as one of the global ecosystem’s vital pollinators, far less has been said about the monarch butterfly, a beautiful species that is just as integral to the pollination of various fruits and wildflowers.

As such, Megel is using her skills as a master gardener and biologist to spearhead the conservation of the monarch butterfly in America, and she now personally raises around 500 healthy monarch butterflies annually.

In her new book, Megel shares her wisdom and experience with readers, translating her knowledge into easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to raise monarch butterflies at home, covering the stages of the monarch’s development and how to ensure their health throughout each one.

With the book, she hopes that gardeners across North Carolina will be able to bolster the population of the butterfly by learning how to grow plants that are conducive to monarch butterflies, how to collect their eggs, and how to support them through their larvae phase until they are ready to be released back into nature.

As an agritourism educational center devoted to the conservation and habitat restoration of the monarch butterfly, All-A-Flutter Farms is proud to now be offering for sale ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home.’

Jeanne Megel currently resides in Jamestown, North Carolina, where she works tirelessly in support of conservation measures for the monarch butterfly.

A spokesperson for the author said, “Raising monarch butterflies at home is a truly rewarding adventure! It is a learning experience that enriches your life and also increases your understanding of the importance of butterflies in our environment and our very being. Not everyone can help save a coral reef. But everyone can help save the monarch butterfly and contribute to the health of our planet.”

More information is available at https://tinyurl.com/mup9rxn8

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