Essential Oils Substitutes | DIY Aromatherapy Blends Substitution Guide Released

This newly released guide was created for aromatherapy enthusiasts who would like to make an essential oil blend but do not have an ingredient, or prefer not to use a particular oil. The guide provides a list of common replacements that can produce the desired effect.

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Essential oil blends can produce a pleasant scent in a person’s home or office, but some blends can also provide therapeutic benefits. Readers who are making a blend for a specific scent or purpose can now refer to this guide to find which oils have similar properties.

According to the Mayo Clinic, aromatherapy, which is thought to work by stimulating nasal receptors that send messages to the part of the brain that controls emotions, may have many health benefits, including relief from anxiety and depression, better sleep, and reduced pain.

Loving Essential Oils explains that readers needs to start by determining whether the purpose of the blend is aroma or therapeutic value. Regardless of the ultimate purpose, people may want to choose their favorites because of the scent desired, but they may need to avoid certain oils because of allergies.

Essential oils can be sorted into seven categories. This guide suggests that substitutes in blends for aroma should be from the same aromatic category, like citrus, spicy, or floral. If a blend recipe calls for tangerine, orange can be a substitute.

As pointed out in this guide, not all substitutes are as obvious as orange for tangerine. Some substitutes may be more difficult to identify.

When blending for therapeutic benefits, the scent is not as important. The substitute does not need to have a similar scent but should have a similar therapeutic benefit.

This guide has lists of essential oils that provide particular benefits for pain relief, digestion, healthy skin, energy, and more. The author of the guide gives extra comments to help the user choose which oil they might prefer.

A satisfied reader wrote, “This guide really helped me so much. I am on a limited budget and can’t buy all the different oils for the recipes to use in my diffuser. This guide gave me some great alternatives, and I am so grateful. Thank you.”

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