Technician Find Announces New Craigslist Recruiting Strategy for Repair Shops

Technician Find, a marketing and recruiting company for independent auto and diesel repair shops throughout the United States has recently announced a new strategy that will attract technicians from and get them to apply.

Founded in 2018 by Christopher T. Lawson, helps independent automotive and diesel repair shops use creative ads and social media marketing to find good techs faster.

When asked about the new strategy Lawson said, “When I first started working with independent auto repair shops back in 2017, I kept hearing how Craigslist had been the go-to website to recruit mechanics but it had dried up.” Lawson continued, “I would hear shop owners tell me that they would post a job on Craigslist on Friday morning and by Monday they would have 15 – 20 applications and hire a technician the next week. Obviously that’s no longer the case.” remains a powerhouse in the online classified space. According to

— Craigslist receives 190 million visits every month in the United states

— Craigslist contains over 700 local websites

— Craigslist is ranked 39th on a list of websites that Americans visit the most

— 80 million classified ads are posted on Craigslist each month

One average, Technician Find generates over 400 automotive and diesel technician applications each week for their clients and they have recently added Craigslist back into their recruiting campaign structure to gain more exposure for open jobs and generate even more qualified applications.

Finding automotive technicians is hard so we like to use every resource available to make sure that as many technicians see our client’s job ads as possible. Adding Craigslist back into our lineup has definitely boosted the number of applicants we’ve been able to deliver to our clients.” Said Lawson.

About Technician Find

At one time or another, most independent auto and truck repair shop owners feel frustrated because they can’t find the staff they need to grow.

Whether it’s poor response from ads or stiff competition from local dealers, fleets and national chains, the lack of a steady flow of qualified applications when they need them can stall plans for expanding, kill team morale and wreck profitability.

When a shop owner gets plugged into a proven and predictable system for finding help on demand, it lights a fire in their belly. It gives them the confidence, support and motivation to move forward on their plans for a bigger future.

Technican Find provides the best hiring solution for independent auto and truck repair shop owners in the United States because every shop owner deserves to have a happy staff helping them to build their dream.

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