360 Wellness Hub Launches Its New Hotline Number in Malaysia

Wellness and mental health center 360 Wellness Hub is pleased to announce that they have recently launched a new hotline number that will connect all their branches, making sure people who need mental health care get the immediate help they need.

Starting today, people struggling with mental health crises can call +60327792700, a new hotline focused on offering clinical diagnosis, psychotherapy, and clinical assessment services. The new number is made to be easy to remember that connects people who are experiencing any mental health crisis with a trained mental health specialist from 360 Wellness Hub.

Interested parties may visit their website to get in touch.

Much of the discussion started during the pandemic, which brought a lot of mental health concerns to the forefront. In fact, a study of eight million calls to helplines in nineteen countries and regions discovered that call volumes increased during the first wave of COVID-19. At the 6-week peak, the overall number of calls was thirty-five percent higher than before the pandemic.

In Malaysia, the months-long coronavirus state of emergency and the widespread lockdown that followed brought a nationwide crisis raises in the number of people struggling with anxiety, trauma, and other mental health conditions.

According to a representative from the wellness and mental health center, “We wish to de-escalate the immediate crisis happening in the country. That is what our trained counselors do. We also want people to connect them to resources so they stay well. We simply do not like to have them keep cycling into crises, but it’s essential that they also get connected to necessary care so they can get well and remain well beyond that crisis scenario. Thus, it is those local counselors that can make those connections.”

This hotline ensures that all your queries will be answered as there will always be someone to answer your calls during business hours. You may inquire, set up an appointment in either branch and get your mental health care concerns taken care of.

Anyone who needs help with their mental health, especially people in need, can definitely benefit from this hotline number. A major goal of 360 Wellness Hub is to make equity in mental health services, particularly for those who haven’t had reliable and consistent access to mental health care.

About 360 Wellness Hub

360 Wellness Hub is a Kuala Lumpur-based wellness and mental health center that plans to improve people’s overall quality of life and functionality with their coaching, nutritional medicine, counseling, and psychotherapy services, among others.

To learn more about 360 Wellness Hub, please call Reei at +60327792700 or send an email at 360wellnesshub@gmail.com. Visit their official website at https://my360wellnesshub.com to avail of their services.

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