Atlassian Patches Jira Vulnerability as Industry Experts Push Cloud Migration

Reading (UK), Aug 17–Automation Consultants, an Atlassian Platinum Partner, comes with a high-end BeeCloud framework to help businesses migrate to Atlassian Cloud quickly and securely.

According to a recent article published in IT News, Atlassian has patched its Jira Server and Data Centre tools against high-severity, exploitable bugs in its email templates. The affected versions permitted administrator authorities to use Template Injection to achieve RCE security vulnerability and run arbitrary code in Jira Email Templates.

And in line with this news, Automation Consultants marks the significance of migrating Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian applications from the Server or Data Centre to Atlassian’s cloud environment for enhanced system protection and reliability, effortless administration, accelerated innovations with sophisticated features, and ownership cost reduction.

Automation Consultants says that data and systems migrated to Atlassian’s cloud environment are secured around the clock with IP allowlisting, encryption in transit and at rest, security audit trails, multi-factor authentication, and security controls–SSO, SAML, and SCIM.

With Atlassian Cloud, it’s easier to comply with stringent data privacy regulations like GDPR, and the implementation of multi-level redundancy and elastic scale ensures businesses hardly face downtimes.

In addition, as Atlassian announced its intention to phase out on-prem server deployment and eventually stop the service by February 2024, Automation Consultants highlights the benefits of moving to the Atlassian Cloud environment.

As a team of experts with years of expertise, Automation Consultants says it can execute complex workload and application migration seamlessly and efficiently–with no quality compromise. The Automation Consultants team strategises and conducts the migration project and maintains uninterrupted communication on essential decision-making until the migration is complete. Where applicable, the experts make the best use of automated scripts for an accelerated Atlassian Cloud migration.

AC adds that it helps customers, including large enterprises, better plan the cloud migration process to ensure their data and workloads get shifted fully and accurately while making the users fully enabled for the new technology stack. Plus, the team excludes all unnecessary configurations to help clients make the most of the new system.

As a leading cloud migration service provider, AC claims it can break dreaded data silos and bring all stakeholders and teams involved in a large IT project of cloud migration onboard to keep them well-informed. The result is seamless operation, accelerated decision-making, and least disruption to all customers.

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