Desky Singapore, a Company Passionate about Sit Stand Desks, acquires OfficeOCD

Singapore – Desky Singapore acquired the OfficeOCD design studio to promote the benefits of active working and bring clients convenience. The acquisition is inspiring, as it will allow the company to enhance its product range and provide even more functional office furniture. Throughout its operations, OfficeOCD adopted the ethos of hard working, good looking products. The company has become a highly respected design studio with years of experience in the field, which will be a valuable asset to the Desky team in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

“With this acquisition, we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of ergonomic products while shortening our product runway, meaning more high-quality items for your office! We are confident this will help us to grow our business and better serve our customers.” Hayden Adams – Director of Operations.

For many years, employees across industries dealt with the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle such as depression, anxiety, chronic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. Desky Singapore identified this problem and created its flagship standing desk that boosts productivity, enhances an employee’s well-being, and promotes an active lifestyle. When the design and production team realized the difficulty of finding the right equipment clients needed, they sourced products locally and internationally to put together ergonomic office furniture. With OfficeOCD’s help, the product designers are sure to find innovative ways of improving clients’ productivity and comfort.

While this acquisition presents many opportunities, the Desky Singapore team looks for new ways to innovate, improve, and expand their product line and make it more accessible to clients. This company’s range of standing and gaming desks suit home workers, small business owners, and employees in large corporations. The Desky Single and Deskly Dual height adjustable desks offer unbeatable stability, wobble-free use, and easy operation in one package. To encourage individuality, clients can customize their worktops by choosing from a range of melamine, bamboo, rubberwood, softwood, and hardwood finishes. The company has also developed a handy desk height calculator to help clients set up their workspaces when sitting or standing.

Desky Singapore’s ergonomic office and ergonomic chairs keep clients comfortable with posture support in all the right places. They minimize back/neck pain and boost productivity for many hours. The chairs feature adjustable frames, lumbar support, breathable materials, and castor wheels. To ensure efficiency, the team has created a guide for headrests, armrests, seat depth, 360° Revolution, and choosing different office chairs. Additionally, the monitor desk mounts, brackets, and desk accessories provide convenient viewing angles, storage space solutions, and desk-charging solutions to maximize productivity.

Using OfficeOCD and Desky Singapore’s network of suppliers, the team has sourced components and materials to create durable and flexible products. To learn more about the acquisition, visit They’re located at 20 Cross Street #02-18, Singapore, 048422, Singapore.

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