QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) is a Louisville Sports Medicine Clinic using Regenerative Therapies to help Athletes get back to Performing Optimally

Louisville, KY – Whether an injury results from contact sports, repetitive movements, or intense workout routines in the gym, it can make it difficult for an athlete to go about their day-to-day activities. Fortunately, the regenerative medical solutions at QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) present a long-term method of resolving pain, eliminating or prolonging the need for surgical intervention or other traditional sports medicine treatments.

The Louisville sports medicine clinic comprises a team of medical providers passionate about customizing treatments for pro/semi-pro athletes, weekend warriors, avid adventurers, or people who enjoy outdoor activities. They use advanced technology, modern equipment, and updated treatment protocols to improve the quality of life of athletes or restore their movement. They also treat patients with the highest level of service, respect, compassion, and care, allowing them to understand their conditions, treatment options, and injury-prevention methods.

The most common treatments for chronic knee pain, torn meniscus, bone on-bone osteoarthritis, decreased range of motion, knee cracking, and torn ACL are physical therapy, steroids, knee replacement, or arthroscopic surgery. While they offer relief for knee pain, they’re expensive and require extended recovery times, slowing down athletes significantly. The QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) Louisville knee specialist promotes the healing and repair of knee joints and bone tissue for athletes to walk, train, sit, walk, and hike comfortably.

The regenerative medicine protocols at the clinic work best as part of a recovery regime that can include rest and bracing. By combining alternative therapies with traditional sports injury treatments, athletes experience quick recovery, whether they’re suffering from joint pain, a torn rotator cuff, golfer’s elbow, torn Achilles tendon, tennis elbow, or tendon/ligament tears. Besides common sports injuries, athletes suffer musculoskeletal pain from trauma, poor posture, muscle overuse, or auto accidents. No matter the cause, low back pain, pain due to tendon injuries, finger/toe pain, and hand/foot pain affect their lifestyle/movement even with traditional sports treatments.

The QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) Louisville back pain treatment approach helps patients avoid complex surgeries and traditional orthopedics. Regenerative therapies stimulate the body’s natural healing response, speeding up its recovery and lessening inflammation. The providers promote chronic arthritis pain relief without invasive surgeries or joint replacement procedures.

During a patient’s first visit to the clinic, the providers conduct thorough examinations to analyze their conditions and understand their medical history. Once completed, they take X-rays to determine the root cause of the pain/discomfort before recommending the most appropriate biologic therapies.

“Our goal is to get you back to enjoying life in ways you currently cannot. Whatever your reason for contacting us, rest assured we will focus on what quality of life means to you and how we might be able to help you attain your personal needs.” Company Representative.

To learn more about regenerative medicine, visit their website or call (502) 219-4636 to request a consultation. QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) is located at 6420 Dutchmans Parkway, Ste 375, Louisville, KY, 40205, US.

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