Sports Medicine Physicians Are Using Regenerative Medicine as an Alternative for Orthopedic Surgery at QC Kinetix (Naples), FL

Naples, FL – A segment of people predisposed to sports-related injuries includes professional athletes and individuals leading an active lifestyle. The question is usually not if the injury will occur, but when and when it happens, it curtails a career and ushers in a season of debilitating pain and dormancy. In severe cases, conventional doctors may recommend a series of surgeries to correct the problem, although a successful outcome is not always guaranteed.

The side effects of invasive orthopedic surgery are also many, costly, painful, and time-consuming. QC Kinetix (Naples) sports medicine physicians have an alternative option to surgery and long-term use of steroids and anti-inflammatory medications. They’re using regenerative medicine to treat sports-related injuries, which work by targeting the source of pain and leveraging the body’s natural ability to heal and restore itself.

Naples sports medicine physicians at QC Kinetix (Naples) provide a high level of care to each patient. They openly listen to and evaluate each patient’s medical history, lifestyle, condition, and treatment goals. Additionally, they curate a personalized treatment plan and support the patient to go through it successfully from the start to the end while reviewing the treatment journey. The treatment regimens are minimally invasive and natural, which pose low to zero side effects. Further, regenerative sports medicine is cost-effective, and patients do not require recuperation time as surgery. This allows athletes to resume their careers quickly and active people to enjoy a fit and vibrant lifestyle again.

QC Kinetix (Naples) has partnered with the legendary pro football athlete – Emmitt Smith. He said, “QC Kinetix provides several different natural therapies which complement and promote the body’s natural healing process. It’s always exciting to partner with a company when you’ve experienced first-hand the quality and effectiveness of their products.”

Biologic treatments activate the body’s natural healing process while relieving back pain. The therapies help the body speed the healing process while targeting pain from the root source, unlike anti-inflammatory medications, which mask the pain. QC Kinetix (Naples) back pain treatment help patients experience increased mobility, reduced back pain, and better quality of life as soon as treatment commences. People prone to back injuries and back pain, such as pregnant women, warehouse workers, and long-distance drivers, are significant beneficiaries of regenerative medicine. Additionally, regenerative medicine boosts the body’s immunity system, which helps to prevent future injuries.

Other conditions that biological therapies treat include knee, shoulder, and elbow pain, wrist, ankle, and hip pain, foot, hand, and small joints such as fingers and toes. The medical professionals at QC Kinetix (Naples) encourage patients to seek treatment as soon as possible to avert further degeneration.

To book an appointment, visit their website or call (239) 893-7246 to speak to a customer representative. The clinic is located at 875 109th Ave, Suite 301, Naples, FL, 34108, USA.

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