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London, United Kingdom Dec 5, 2022 ( – The mission of the advertising machine at the beginning of its birth is to change the passive communication mode of advertising and attract customers to actively browse advertising through interactive ways. And the development direction of the advertising machine has continued this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction, etc.

The ultimate goal of the advertising machine is to occupy the advertising market share. Because the advertising machine can carry out advertising communication beyond the limitations of time and space so that advertising can break through the limitations of time and space. Media companies will broadcast ads in more time periods, while the advertising machine is on call 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere. (Learn more about Rogtazr)

Analysis of the future development trend of the advertising machine industry from Rogtazr Inc.:

1. Smart Advertising Machine

The network advertising machine and its application trend. The development trend of high definition: At present, most LCD displays can achieve the effect of high definition, but due to the limitations of film sources and hardware decoding, the performance advantages of LCD advertising machine screens cannot be fully exploited. With the development of digital television in the future, high-definition television will inevitably become the only choice in the future. Especially in today’s highly competitive environment, HD display is easier to highlight effects when hardware platforms are similar. (Learn more about Rogtazr)

Outdoor development trend: Due to the reduction and compression of the resources of current urban or semi-outdoor use sites, and due to the actual demand of the site, more and more outdoor advertising opportunities will be used in the future, which raises higher requirements for technology. With the advancement of highlighting and waterproofing technologies, I believe that the application space will be expanded in the future.

2. Professional development trend

The social and economic development demand gap for advertising; The demands of the industrial and specialized markets are recognized; Public service and welfare media advertising is more professional and targeted.

3. General development trend of the platform

Outdoor advertising media are the teams that can promote goods to many consumers in public or outdoors through advertising. (Learn more about Rogtazr)

Outdoor ads can be divided into two categories: flat and three-dimensional: flat ads include billboard ads, wall ads, posters, banners, etc. Three-dimensional advertising is divided into advertising columns, advertising machines, and advertising tower lightboxes. When talking about the media, most people think directly of newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet. However, today’s information publishers are no longer content with these traditional information channels with a wide audience but no specific purpose. The information media market is moving from mass marketing to mass marketing. In an age where products and consumers are constantly being subdivided, the limitation of traditional media is that they cannot effectively distinguish the target audience of the products.

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