Recruitment Specialist Arun Jat explained, why most of American IT professionals want Remote job opportunities

In a recent interview with our team, Arun Jat (who invested many years in US IT Recruitment) explained how US IT professionals are taking advantage of remote job opportunities.

Arun mentioned every coin has 2 sides, Permanent remote jobs also have both sides, Good and unfair/Smart.

Good –

Of course, we all love full-time work from home because

  • Work and Life Balance
  • Save Commute time.
  •  More Saving
  • And for some of us like him (Arun Jat), more productive.


  • Moonlighting

Arun Jat, Shared incidents where senior managers and programmers are ready to submit their profiles for remote opportunities which were paying half of their current salary.

But how they are managing to perform well with 2-3 Jobs?

Arun Jat shared, They hire the same skills or even better from other cheap white-collar worker countries like India and Vietnam. They are more technical sound and can work for 30 – 35 % of their salary.

So what are the solutions?

Even employers are aware of it that’s why most of them are hiring in a hybrid model (1-2 days onsite in a week) but it’s limiting their talent search to locals only.

Tracking, Investment in tracking software has been increased by employers to make sure their employees are giving most of them to get the job done.

Hope you liked this article….