Grass Valley Acupuncture Clinic Energy Medicine Integrated Services 2023 Update

The clinic announced the availability of several new electromedicine treatments, providing patients with supplementary pain relief methods in conjunction with traditional acupuncture.

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By expanding its services, Double Lotus Acupuncture & Integrated Medicine offers a balanced approach to healing and chronic pain management.

These new treatments use a range of technologies to target specific areas of pain and have been the subject of research in recent years. According to owner and principal acupuncturist Dr. Abbie Crimm, many conditions, including chronic neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and even anxiety disorders, respond well to a holistic approach that includes both traditional methods such as acupuncture or massage in tandem with electro-medicine techniques.

The expanded services offered by the clinic include quantum biofeedback, polychromatic light therapy, and frequency-specific microcurrent. These methods utilize different technologies to identify stressors and pain sources and treat the symptoms by encouraging the body’s natural healing processes.

Based on each patient’s specific needs and conditions, treatment at the clinic typically involves appointments once or twice a week for three to six weeks, with a re-evaluation and potential for continued services after that point.

Double Lotus Acupuncture & Integrated Medicine is run by Dr. Abigail Crimm, a licensed acupuncturist, certified massage therapist, and health coach. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Crimm’s specialization in a wide range of treatments gives patients a well-rounded approach to meeting their health needs.

A satisfied patient said, “Dr. Abigail Crimm successfully treated my back and neck strain with three modalities: frequency-specific microcurrent, acupuncture, and massage. When I began treatment for an overuse injury, I was in extreme pain and had limited movement. However, over several weeks of regular treatment, my pain continuously subsided to the point of full recovery.”

Double Lotus Acupuncture & Integrated Medicine aims to innovate integrated healing modalities in California by expanding services to include electromedicine therapies.

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