Pamela Bruner Offers Coaches New Impostor Syndrome Remedies and Discovery Calls

Pamela Bruner, founder and CEO of Attract Clients Online, has revealed new business coaching remedies for those experiencing impostor syndrome, which she believes is a significant barrier to achieving business goals. Pamela Bruner’s coaching program is introduced to prospective clients through a ‘breakthrough call’ to help businesses attract high-paying coaching clients.

With her extensive experience in coaching other coaches in client acquisition, product positioning, messaging, and marketing, Bruner has launched the breakthrough call through which she aims to teach business coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants to attract clients online and build successful and long-lasting businesses.

Bruner’s coaching program responds to the growing need for new lead generation and growth strategies for coaches. Bruner has identified the five signs of impostor syndrome and provides her coaching clients with strategies to overcome it and increase their client base while growing their businesses. Persistent negative thoughts and a sense of inadequacy often characterize impostor syndrome.

Participants in the coaching program benefit from learning how to overcome impostor syndrome by stopping procrastination, developing confidence, and setting and fulfilling goals. Pamela Bruner addresses five critical barriers to success: spending too much time worrying about failures, obsession with client happiness, a lack of confidence, improper pricing or discount strategies, and a lack of boldness.

Coaches interested in joining Bruner’s program can complete a form accessible on the website. The form requires an applicant’s basic details, the current revenue range, and potential advertising budget.

Bruner offers the “breakthrough call” to help individuals discover the three strategies that helped Bruner grow her business from a few hundred dollars a month to a seven-figure enterprise in less than three years.

“If you see yourself in any of the signs of the Impostor Syndrome, it’s time to do something different,” says Pamela Bruner. “We have helped hundreds of coaches to up-level their coaching businesses with our proprietary process that helps them create an irresistible offer, implement an effective marketing strategy, and close sales to become full-time coaches who realize their dreams,”

Coaches desiring more information on how to attract clients online and build a thriving coaching business can contact Pamela Bruner’s team at

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