2023 Seed Phrase Offline Backup Device Report Released By The Crypto Merchant

Amid the release of a number of hardware backup devices, The Crypto Merchant has launched a new report that details the most well-designed product options available today and their unique features.

More information can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/en-ca/blogs/resources/the-best-crypto-seed-phrase-backups-of-2022

While all the backup kits use titanium or steel plates, the report explains that they differ in how recovery seed phrases are recorded, the types of damage they are resistant to, and how many unique recovery seed phrases they can hold.

“We want to underscore the importance of using a low-technology approach when storing a recovery seed phrase to eliminate any possibility of hacking,” a company spokesperson said. “By using a device that has no electronics or internet connection, traders can ensure that their recovery seed is fully unhackable, which limits their risks to physical damage, loss, or theft.”

To protect their seed phrase from physical damage, the report suggests that traders use a backup device from a trusted brand that has been tested against the most common causes of damage. The devices curated in the report are all highly resistant to, or proof against, fire, water, acid, mechanical pressure, and impact.

One of the products featured is the Cryptotag Zeus. According to the author, the titanium backup tool can store up to six seed phrases and protect them from damage resulting from firearms, blowtorches, pneumatic hammers, and more.

Billfodl’s stainless steel backup tool was also included in the list. While not made of titanium, the report said that the device is “almost indestructible” and has been shown to be impervious to fire and impact, while remaining lightweight.

These and the other devices featured in the article can be ordered through The Crypto Merchant’s online store.

“As you can see, there are many great options available to keep your seed phrase safe and thus protect your digital assets,” the author said. “Regardless of which product you choose, just be sure to backup your seed phrase in multiple locations and multiple forms.”

Those who want to learn more are advised to access the full article at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/en-ca/blogs/resources/the-best-crypto-seed-phrase-backups-of-2022

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