Pass-Thru Awning Windows With Built-In Pleated Insect Screens: Collection Update

The updated awning windows come with built-in insect screens and are designed to help homeowners seamlessly connect their indoor and outdoor spaces. The windows come in various standard sizes, but clients can also request a custom-sized frame for their homes.

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The latest expansion goes in line with OpenUp’s mission to provide its clients with practical and aesthetic space-saving options for their homes. Their multifunctional pass-through windows offer homeowners the convenience of an easy access point between the interior of their home and any outdoor living spaces, while also allowing for better ventilation and lighting in the house.

OpenUp’s gas strut pass-through awning windows are unique in that they open upward, holding their positions at 90-degree angles until they are pulled shut again. This maximizes space, creating ample room for homeowners to pass food, drinks, and other things between indoor and outdoor areas.

The window frames also come with built-in retractable screens to keep insects out of the home. Clients can opt for roll-up screens or OpenUp’s exclusive pleated screens that can be pulled down and adjusted to any height. These screens are mounted to the window in OpenUp’s factory before they are shipped, saving clients the effort of having to assemble them themselves.

In addition to offering functionality, OpenUp’s pass-through awning windows are produced from recyclable extruded aluminum and finished with sustainably sourced Accoya wood, which provides extra insulation and weather resistance. Upon receiving an order from their client, the company will begin manufacturing the window, guaranteeing delivery within four to six weeks.

With the most recent updates, founder and chief engineer Ed Page remains committed to high-quality yet affordable window design. He and his team have over 40 years of experience in the window manufacturing industry and have serviced many commercial properties throughout the US and Europe.

A satisfied client said: “We are delighted with our OpenUp window. It has transformed how we use our indoor and outdoor spaces, and it really allows us to enjoy our kitchen in a way we couldn’t previously. We’re delighted with the quality of the product, and the price was definitely more reasonable than some of the competition out there.”

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