Rust-Proof French Press Coffee Maker With Wing Nut & Easy Clean Design Launched

Traditionally, a French Press coffee maker uses a small “attachment knob” to hold the device together, and this knob must be removed using a wrench or pliers to clean and maintain the coffee maker. SYL Prosper has updated the traditional hardware using a patent-pending wing nut design that requires no additional tools.

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The design of the new French Press makes it possible to be disassembled using only a single wing nut, which has been manufactured small enough to fit easily inside the coffee maker, but large enough to be manipulated by hand. While this removes the need for tools, it also makes the device easier to clean and use for individuals with arthritis or mobility restrictions.

SYL Prosper engineers designed the new coffee maker as a more durable alternative, using materials that are highly resistant to damage caused by repeated assembly and disassembly for cleaning, accidental drops, and temperature fluctuations. Though the attachment knob is thought to be the most often damaged or lost part, the new French Press design also uses durable materials for the handle, and the carafe itself.

Constructed with 304 Grade Stainless Steel, the handle materials are considered food safe, as well as highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This material is also known to have a low thermal co-efficient, which allows the handle to stay cooler to the touch, even when the French Press is full of hot water or coffee.

For additional strength, the new French Press uses borosilicate glass, which is more resistant to thermal shocks than any other glass commonly used today. This allows the French Press to maintain its structural integrity over years of daily use, as the borosilicate glass resists the expansion caused by high temperatures and the strain caused by contraction during cooling.

Using a double filtration design, the French Press can be used with medium or fine-ground coffee, tea bags, or loose tea. Every new French Press also includes two bonus filtration screens, that are simple to replace if the originals wear out over time.

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