NFT Project Content Marketing For Online Visibility, Distribution Service Launch

The newly updated services from R.E.D Marketing Firm are designed to improve the online visibility of an artist’s NFT project by distributing branded content across multiple online sources such as Google-approved Crypto News Sites.

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With their updated services, the marketing firm can boost the online ranking and reputation of an artist’s work and project, which in turn can generate more traffic from prospective buyers.

As recent statistics report NFT sales exceeding $24.9 billion a year, it has become a popular option for artists looking to monetize their designs. With new NFTs being released by artists and businesses every day, getting a new project seen by the right audience is crucial for a successful launch. R.E.D Marketing Firm offers artists a solution to this problem with their NFT-focused marketing distribution services.

Working alongside an artist, the marketing firm will initially learn about their NFT project in order to ensure the content is in line with their brand. Following this initial consultation, the firm then develops content that is distributed within 36 hours.

By focusing on the two key marketing areas of ‘Trust’ and ‘Reputation’, R.E.D Marketing Firm creates and distributes content on cryptocurrency and NFT news sites that are already established as an authority in the industry. This targeted marketing generates trust for a project, while also increasing the visibility of an artist’s work.

As the content distributed by the company is evergreen, meaning it will remain on a site in perpetuity, it is more cost-effective for an artist than limited-time advertising. Furthermore, the company offers a range of packages so artists can choose a distribution plan that meets their personal budget needs.

Alongside their NFT marketing distribution, R.E.D Marketing Firm also offers a range of further services that can improve the overall sales and marketing of an NFT project. This includes printing and delivery of merchandise based on a project’s images, digital billboard advertising , and app creation services.

A spokesperson for R.E.D Marketing Firm said, “There are thousands of perfectly good NFT projects out there which only lack the ‘Attention’ and ‘Trust’ needed to get bought up by more and more people to increase their value.”

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