Explore Natural Pain Relief Solutions Through Regenerative Medicine Treatments From QC Kinetix (Eastgate)

Cincinnati, OH – QC Kinetix (Eastgate) helps clients who have been told that surgery is their only option for pain relief. The clinic provides non-surgical treatment options to restore injured body parts naturally. They use regenerative medicine, a broad spectrum of minimally-invasive biological therapies. The therapies work by fastening the body’s natural restoration process allowing it to recover quicker than usual. The therapies are customized to the patient’s unique health needs.

The pain control clinic provides treatments that get to the root cause of the pain to deal with it at its source. They relieve inflammation caused by accidents, injuries, and musculoskeletal conditions. The therapies address pain in different body parts, including the knees, back, hip, shoulders, and ankles. This clinic also sets up a free 30-60 minute consultation to determine a patient’s eligibility for regenerative medicine. One of their medical providers conducts a series of tests and physical examinations and reviews the medical history to diagnose the condition. If eligible, they offer therapy recommendations and explain what each entails.

QC Kinetix (Eastgate) provides sports injury and hair loss treatment near me. They naturally fasten the process of hair restoration among men and women to improve hair thickness and density. The clinic addresses hair loss and thinning caused by alopecia, hormonal changes, age, stress, and many other conditions. In case of injuries, the clinic combines regenerative medicine with conventional treatments like rest for better outcomes. They restore function to injured parts without recommending surgery or prescription medication.

A unique feature that makes QC Kinetix (Eastgate) tick is the Concierge Medicine service. The clinic provides top-notch support and comfort to patients visiting their facility. Clients enjoy a warm welcome from staff, refreshments in the waiting room, well-spaced appointments, and a modern, spa-like environment. These features eliminate congestion and provide an ambiance for relaxation allowing patients to focus entirely on their recovery. The clinic has Health Advocates who answer patient queries online, and the medical providers ensure that the customized treatment plan reflects the patient’s values and feedback.

A quote from the clinic website states this about their services,

“Our Cincinnati regenerative medicine improves recovery by easing pain and delivering nutrients directly to the injury site. They work without affecting your digestive tract or the rest of your body. Our restorative techniques harness your body’s unique ability to restore itself. You not only recover quicker but also stronger than before. Take a little time out of your day for your free consultation with one of our medical team members.”

Contact the staff at (513) 847-0019 to learn more about their Cincinnati office, or visit the clinic website for more information on their natural regenerative medicine treatments. QC Kinetix (Eastgate) is located at 4357 Ferguson Dr, Bldg 3, Suite 210, Cincinnati, OH, 45245, US.

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