Business Card Challenge Coins: Microchip Integrations, Custom Designs Announced

Gray Water Ops is now offering businesses challenge coins with microchip integrations for use in trade shows, business events, and professional meetings. The coins are fully customizable and can be ordered in bulk.

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Gray Water Ops has created these coins in the interest of professionals and members of private organizations nationwide. The challenge coins are intended to be a modern and creative way to promote a business or cause using a combination of quality artwork and integrated NFC chip technology.

Each coin produced by Gray Water Ops can include their patented near-field communication chip, embedded in the brass housing of the coin. Each housing is die-struck and the chip is embedded in one of the sides of the coin. The chips are covered with a 4 color printed insert and sealed into the coin with liquid epoxy, creating a product that will not wear out or degrade, and which will function as programmed no matter what. The coins and chip inside are also waterproof!

These embedded NFC chips can be useful in a wide variety of scenarios, from professional meet and greets to client-side promotions. These coins can be distributed to staff as a way to instantly transfer contact information to clients and peers using the NFC technology, or to clients, where the chips can be used to link to members-only websites, loyalty programs, or exclusive deals.

A spokesperson for the company said, “You can now have a custom-designed Gray Water Ops NFC Smart Coin as a unique, high-end item that shows appreciation from your business or organization. Imagine the convenience and cost-saving of having all your staff carry a single custom-branded metal coin in their pocket instead of traditional business cards. Say goodbye to the hassle of fumbling through business cards or losing those piles of paper cards”

The Gray Water Ops in-house design team is available to help interested parties create custom artwork for their order, rendered in a range of materials. Currently, coins can be created using soft or hard enamel finish, as well as metallic options in colors such as gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, and black nickel.

Gray Water Ops has created non-NFC coins for some of the most respected companies and organizations in the nation in the past. The company is owned and operated entirely by veterans, who strive for the highest standard of product quality and customer satisfaction.

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