The Captree Princess Is New York’s Best Charter Fishing Boat

The Captree Princess is a New York charter fishing boat that takes private and public groups on fishing trips for a fun day out at sea. The Captree Princess is an eighty-foot-long public fishing boat that sails out of Captree State Park. This boat has both male and female restrooms and a variety of amenities that visitors can use and explore on their trip. The galley is stocked with hot dogs, chips, candy, soda, bottled water, and complimentary coffee for guests to enjoy and snack on. The Captree Princess also has a small tackle shop on board where guests can purchase bucktails, teasers, cameras, sunglasses, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and anything else they might need on their fishing trip. There is also seating all around the boat for customers’ comfort and convenience along with a big upper deck that visitors are more than welcome to go up on and enjoy the sea breeze, sun, and view while they are not fishing. The Captree Princess has a top-notch crew aboard who are the finest in the industry. They have tremendous knowledge in every aspect of fishing, from the back of the Great South Bay to the Deep Atlantic Ocean, meaning if anyone can help a customer catch a fish, it is Captree Princess’s crew. They have the same crew members every year who are there to ensure a safe and pleasurable trip with their clientele who they adore and respect and hope will feel at home once they are aboard with the wonderful atmosphere the Capree Princess offers. Captree Princess welcomes fishermen of all levels and experience, from first-time fishers to experienced professionals. For those who are beginners, there is no need to fret. The Captree’s Princess’s crew will help teach beginners the basics of fishing, how to set up a successful rig, clean and prep the fish they catch, and are there to answer any questions. Every visitor who steps on the Captree Princess is guaranteed to have a fun day full of charter fishing, viewing the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean off of New York, and enjoying the friendly company of the crew.

Captree Princess’s main priority is safety and satisfaction for every person that walks on their boat. The captain and crew want to ensure that every one of their guests has a fun experience and gets an exciting adventure doing what the crew loves to do every day, charter fishing the beautiful seas off of New York. When guests come aboard the Captree Princess, they are greeted by Captain Rob and one of his First Mates, who are ready to answer any questions anyone might have and get everyone settled in and excited for their charter fishing trip. Reservations are not required for this cruiser, but it is good to call ahead of time when fishing with groups of eight to twenty people so the captain and crew can accommodate every customer the best that they can. This boat and its crew ask that their guests are at the boat thirty minutes before their sailing time so that all of their visitors can be prepared and ready to go. Anyone who is looking for a fun adventure should go to Captree Princess for charter fishing on the New York coast with a friendly, experienced crew.

Captree Princess
3500 E Ocean Pkwy

United States

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