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Gloria Salem

Gloria is originally from Newfoundland and now lives in waterloo. Her writing is more inspiring. She has written several articles, she obtained a B.A in English from Memorial University.

Abigail Norton

Abigail Norton is an American author, born and raised in New Auburn, Wisconsin. Abigail passion is writing news articles. He writes number of articles and published it.

Rita Denver

Rita Carvalio was born and spent most of her life at US, the city that forms the background against which most of her stories take place. She writes breaking news. She lives in Chicago. Now she is works as a Author .

Michael Martin

Michael Martin is best known as an author. He wrote number of books as well as news articles.   He is a teacher of high school. He was more experience in online news writing.

Alex Perry

Alex Perry is probably best known for his writing skill, he writes stories as well as news . He was born in Chicago. Alex passion is teaching, reading and writing articles.